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You know that annoying feeling when you suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten something for your trip?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
My “Travelificent Moments” has all the templates you need for everything you should do before you go on a trip, and that way you won’t forget a single thing.
Prepare yourself in time. Plan your trip, list all the things you mustn’t forget, such as the name of your destination, addresses of places you’ll be staying at, packing checklist etc.
Gather the necessary information and travel carefree.
Plan your expenses and write down everything you need to know about your destination – local legends, traditions, cultural differences and much more

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Make your travel moments everlasting. Take the themed photo recommendations, make a daily to-do list, fill out the collecting pages and enjoy the most fun activity of them all – take up our #travelificentchallenge!
Get yourself out of the comfort zone and make the most of your trip!



Recall the precious moments from your trip. Write down your overall impressions, list the locations you’ve visited, the funniest thing that happened to you, what you’ve learned along the way, things you will remember about the trip, your happiest memory… Relive all those moments every time you open your Travelificent book!

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Our story

Bee storyteller was created in 2019 by a travel couple with a simple goal: to give people an easy way to plan a trip and keep their favorite travel moments in one place, one book.
It all started in a city of Wroclaw, with a school assignment that became the best job in the world.
Back then, Viktorija participated in Erasmus + program at the University of Applied Sciences in Wroclaw. Her assignment was to create a brochure for future students. She didn’t know much about desktop publishing at the time, but step by step she learnt all about it, and started to develop an idea that was just at the back of her mind.
The idea was to unify traveling and scrapbooking via interesting templates for easy and fun use.
“Our biggest passion in life is traveling, and since most of the time we organize trips ourselves, we wanted to give people an easy way to do precisely that – and collect memories along the way. Our biggest wish is to form a community of people who would share their travel experiences and moments through our scrapbook pages.”

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